How do I book?
To book one of our inflatables, please book online using our new booking system! Or feel free to either text us, ring us, email us or find us on Facebook. All of our contact details are available at the footer of the website.


What does the price include?
All of our prices include delivery, set up and collection by us, as well as safety mats, extension lead, blower, ground stakes or sandbags for indoor venues. 


How much room do I need?
Please make sure you check the inflatable will fit as this is your responsibility. We recommend that you leave additional space at either side to allow for movement, as well as at the back for any wiring and for the inflator / fan, and at the front for the safety mat.


How far do you deliver?
Please note that we are based in Poole and deliver to all local areas. However, if you are over 10 miles from us there is an extra charge and in most cases, we will not travel further than 1 hour, please contact us if you need more details.


What happens if it's raining?
If rain is forecast all day, then we will not be able to proceed with your set up for your safety and to ensure our equipment doesn’t get damaged. You will NOT be charged as long as we haven't come and set anything up and your deposit is returned in full. We aim to give you 48 hours notice in case this bad weather if forecast.

If it’s been heavy rain the week leading up to your booking, the ground would be soggy therefore the castle would not be pegged down securely so that would be a cancellation also.


What happens if the weather is windy?
If winds are forecast at 24mph (including gusts) or more then we will not set up any castle, this is due to safety law EN14960. It is not safe for a castle to be put up in high winds, therefore, the hire would be cancelled and you will NOT be charged and deposit refunded or rebooked for another day. 


How far in advance can I book?
You can book whenever you would like, we do however get very busy around weekends and holidays so would recommend that you book as soon as possible and with our wet weather policy above you don't have to wait to the last minute to see what the weather will be like. We are able to take last minute bookings right up until the day of your event, please feel free to give us a call to discuss availability.


How long is the hire period?
We would normally drop Bouncy Castles / Inflatables off in the morning (8am - 12 noon) and collect again in the evening (5 - 8pm). However we are very flexible and if your booking is for a hall we can deliver and collect when needed. 


If you would like the equipment longer we offer an extended collection up to 10pm for just an extra £10 per hour or you may wish to have it collected the next morning (secure garden only) for only £30 extra.

Thinking of more than one day? That's fine we give you a £10 discount on each additional day and waiver the overnight fee between days (secure garden only). If you wanted it longer than 3 days please contact us and see what we can offer.


How long does it take to set up/pack away inflatables?
Please allow 15 - 30 minutes for the setup and pack away of our equipment. Depending on what castles been hired.


Can your Bouncy Castles or Inflatables be set up on concrete/tarmac, gravel, stones, etc.?
Grass or large indoor space is suitable for our bouncy castles as this way we can ensure they are correctly and safely secured


We can only set up bouncy castles outside on a flat area so that they are safely anchored into the ground with anchor stakes. Our bouncy castles cannot be set up outside on concrete, gravel, tarmac, decking, stones, pebbles or artificial surfaces. The reason for this is that each anchor point requires a weight of 163kg as per BSEN 14960 regulations.

However, if you have path area with grass either side we would be about to put in on there as long as we can get the anchor points staked down securely. Please discuss this with us at time of booking.


What size of access do you need?
Access is a very important factor and most people don't realise how heavy inflatables are. We will need at least a 65cm wide clearance for our small inflatables and about 90cm for the large inflatables. 


We also need a space to put up the inflatable without hanging trees. Please make sure the area is cleared before we are due to arrive to avoid any delays we also kindly ask that you clear up any dog mess.

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